Meet The Blogger

My name is Jade, I'm an eighteen year old blogger who lives in Oxfordshire, England. I have lived in nineteen houses in my life and seen a fair bit of England. Yet while I have lived in more houses than I have lived years I have never actually been abroad. If you asked me where Luxembourg is I would probably have to google it. However, I can't wait to travel one day but I'll probably start out small. I dye my hair more than it appreciates and rock the occasional wig. Why not?

A big reason I started this blog is simply that I love writing and talking about things that interest me. So far I have mostly been blogging things that I hope make it easier to get to know me but as this blog grows I intend to blog about a wider range of things. I decided to start quite simple with fashion, beauty and lifestyle however it seems to have mostly been lifestyle with a hint of fashion. Eventually you will get to see more of my quirks.

I love crystals, astrology, tarot cards and most things related so at some point you will see more of that which I am really excited about. Although I don't really consider myself a gamer in any sense I do love playing games. My consoles are quite outdated as I currently own a Dreamcast, PS2 and Gameboy Advance which I mostly use for Final Fantasy, Mortal Kombat and Pokemon. I also like to steal my mum's PS3 to play my favourite game Lollipop Chainsaw which if you've never heard of you need to go and play. Right now. I paint a lot and I love it although it never really looks like anything.

Also I met some skater in a park once and we've been following one another around for three years. We like to order nothing but desserts for take away's and pretend we know what we're talking about.