I thought I would join a link up this month and as I was scrolling down the many blogs a post jumped out at me. Laurel Regan of Alphabet Salad's Gratitude List. It's always a good thing to keep positive and what better way than to reflect on everything that you are grateful for?
Rainy Days in Waterstones, Oxford
We all have plenty to be grateful for but I think in today's society that is extremely easy to forget between jobs, job interviews, money, social networking and fast, well everything. I know that I forget regularly but stopping to think about the good things in your life, even if it's just for ten minutes, is a worthwhile exercise in positive thinking. So without further ado, here is my gratitude list. This month I am grateful for :

  • Tea. For the days when you feel like giving up and a friend takes you aside, makes you some tea and your troubles melt away. For the times when Tesco deliver 7 boxed of green tea to you for free because your mum must be their favourite customer.
  • Meals out. On evenings where you are simply tidying and plan to do nothing other than finish tidying and watch Netflix but you receive unexpected phone calls inviting you to dinner.
  • Netflix. See what I did there? When all you want to die is hide in bed an eat copious amounts of ice cream Netflix will always have your favourite tv shows to keep you company.
  • Cats. You know those cats in the street that you meet for all of five seconds? They are my favourite cats. You look at one another, form a five second bond and then you both leave to carry out your lives. Those cats really describe the nature of a cat's independence.
  • Art. I love making art, the people that make art and the people who love the people that make art. As a Libra I love feeling like I am part of something beautiful and what could be more beautiful than art? When you find it please tell me.
  • The Unexpected. Some people fear the unexpected, I thrive in it. I love never knowing what could happen. Unexpected trips, friendships, relationships. Whatever is meant to happen usually does.
  • Keepsakes. All of those bus/train tickets, midnight drawings and letters that you hide in a box under your bed. I love being able to look at my memories all over again.
  • Common Ground. I am grateful for all the times I have been talking to someone and they have understood with perfect clarity exactly what I was talking about. Even if it was a silly discussion about a film, I didn't forget it.
  • New Music. Not necessarily music that has just come out but music that is new to me really makes a difference. As much as I love listening to the same song on repeat for three days it can be really great to mix up my playlists once in a while and give something different a chance.
That isn't everything that I am grateful for but we could be here for a while so I think that will do for now. Until next month. I have really enjoyed writing this post and can't wait to make more like it. 
If you would like to post in the Gratitude Linkup (please do) feel free to comment a link to your post. I'd love to see them! All of the instructions and the original poster are here!

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  1. What a beautiful and uplifting list! Thank you so much for sharing, and for adding your post to the linkup. Great to read! :)