While I am admittedly a newbie blogger when I saw the topic of this months Travel Linkup by Kelly, Emma, Rebecca and guest host Sara I decided to give the post a go anyway. So here goes!

I think the first benefit that I hadn't put much thought into previously (I started this blog solely because I have always loved writing) was how pleased you are when you talk to other bloggers. It immediately starts to feel like you are becoming part of a community and I think that will remain my favourite benefit throughout evolving this blog. I can imagine that my place in the community will start to spread a little more (I hope) as well which I would love as everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming!

The second benefit for me may not apply to everyone but it's something that keeps me motivated. I am the kind of person who easily falls into a routine of working, netflix and sleeping not doing anything else in between and feeling very unaccomplished. Having a blog really motivates me to put effort into something and writing really cheers me up when I'm down.

I love the flexibility that comes with blogging. It's something I don't have to stress about if I don't post one day as there is always another day and as blogging is just my hobby whilst I love it, I don't feel obligated. I think that probably is part of the fun at times.

Blogging is a great way to experiment with your writing. When writing a story there has to be a general tone throughout. While that is also partially true with blogging there is a lot more freedom involved. This freedom allows me to write about hair one day and advice another. When managers try to promote jobs to people they often try to preach that "no two days are the same" and I think that this is especially true where blogging is involved.

I think when you're blogging it gives you a really good opportunity to be honest about things and whilst writing my posts I have learned a lot about how I am feeling and what I have been thinking recently. I think when you also have a good honest communication with your readers the benefits this brings only multiplies.

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  1. We're so pleased to have you join this month's linkup - it's been a real eye opener to all of us I think! What a fun, crazy hobby to have! I think self-pressure can be a real hard nut to overcome in bloggin, just enjoy the chaos :)

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I can tell everyone has put a lot of thought into their posts. I'm loving it! I'll definitely keep blogging, I can handle a bit of chaos here and there:)

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  3. Great to discover your blog! I get that routine of work, netflix and sleep so it's nice to add something else to that routine and of course honesty is key in your little space of the internet! Lovely post.

  4. Great post! Agree that blogging'so a great way to experiment with your writing - and to have some fun with it too :-)

    Polly xx

    1. Thank you:) I'm loving it, such a good way to try new things x

  5. I like your point about flexibility, sometimes I wish I could get more posts out but it's only me putting the pressure on myseflf!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist