I recently ordered the 3 colour blonde, brown and black Krinklepuffs hair falls from CyberloxShop and I couldn't be happier with them. They looked almost identical to the picture online and the only difference in them that I found is that they seem longer in person. However, as someone who is forever buying different types of hair extensions I am definitely not going to complain about the extra length.

There are two hair falls that you receive and you can either wear one as a ponytail or two if you want pigtails (who doesn't, right?). In the picture above I am wearing one of the hair falls and as you can see they are full of volume! They are very easy to put in as all you need to do is tie your hair up into one or two buns to prepare. Each hair fall has a band of elastic at the top which you simply tie around the buns. Which is a lot faster than straightening/curling your hair if you're in a rush.

To see how wearable the dread falls are I decided to wear them to work today which was a nine hour shift. You are aware that you are wearing them but if you put your hair up well they will not tug at your hair or anything and they are a lot lighter than they look.

I would happily wear one of these on an everyday basis and opt for the two for a night out! The service from Cyberlox UK was also great as they were not expensive and only took 4 working days to arrive. When they arrived they were really well packed and it bubblewrap which I find is always great with any hair accessories like this.

Overall, I would definitely recommend CyberloxShop to anyone thinking about purchasing from them as I got a lot of positive comments from customers today whilst wearing my Krinklepuffs!

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