Photo taken by Owen Newton
I want to live in a dream world. I want to feel like my house has turrets and my garden is acres wide. I want butterflies everywhere. I want big puffy white clouds and blue skies with the occasional rain for the purpose of creating a rainbow and keeping my flowers pretty. I want a cat or two to roam about and remind me how to be independent.

This isn't a dream world. It's the real world but to an extent it can be whatever I want it to be. I don't have to become a doctor or a full time mum unless I want to. I don't really even have to go to work if I don't want to. Everything that I do is my choice.

Last night I decided to make good choices. When I see an opportunity I'm going to take it. I'm not going to wait for something to come along, I'm going to start something. I just have to remind myself to stay motivated. Motivation is something I often struggle with because I have it intensely for all of five minutes and then I have even less than I did before but that's okay. I need to use it to my advantage.

I'm going to do as much as I can in my five minutes as humanly possible and by then I will be too far along in the project to avoid completing it. There is always a reason to stop.

  1. It wasn't good enough/working.
    Nothing is perfect on the first draft, that's why they call it a first draft.
  2. I got bored.
    Do something else for ten minutes and then come back to it, I'm sure you'll have a new pair of eyes.
  3. It wasn't popular enough.
    Of course it wasn't, it was unfinished. Stop trying to share things with people before you've even written the ending. You wouldn't publish this blog post at this point.
  4. I'm not talented enough.
    It is next to impossible to judge your own talent. Let someone else do it, stop making decisions for them. If you tell them you aren't good enough, they may be inclined to believe you.

I have decided to ignore the reasons to stop and focus on why I should continue instead. I don't think I need a list for that, I would like my writing to answer that question for me and hopefully, it will.

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