I decided to do something a little bit different and make the first of many posts to come. Each month I will select one card at random and give you a little meaning towards that card and in a months time we will be able to look back and see how accurate it was. Believe in it or not, it'll still be fun to see what comes up each month and if not you can look at the pretty pictures.

Seven of Swords - Wild Unknown

This months card is the Seven of Swords. The Swords are the suit of intellect, conflict and power. Some months you feel like hiding away and curling up in a corner but you are forgetting that you are sat on your biggest weapon. Yourself. 

When you feel like everyone is heading at you one after the other, stand up, be brave and keep going. Chances are that they feel just the same anyway. It is never as bad as it seems and you know that better than anyone but that doesn't stop you from imagining the worst. Give yourself a break and relax. Run a hot bubble bath, cosy up with a book and some tea whilst listening to your favourite album. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve to have a nice day too!

I'm really looking forward to doing more little posts like this so please let me know what you thought in the comments below! I'm really happy with this tarot deck and it's great to have an excuse to use it more often.

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