Sometimes I feel quite thoughtful out of nowhere. I go into that quiet place inside my head and I like to cross my legs with a cup of tea and dwell in it. I think 2015 will be a good year for me. Not because I have good vibes about it or because I think it will be easy. I think that it will be a good year because I have decided to make it one. I am not into the whole "new year, new me" thing because I like to work on myself all year round but that doesn't mean I shouldn't stay focused! This year I plan to:

I only have four of my lavender tea bags left, someone send help!

  1. Get Fit
    Not super healthy, I'm a body builder fit but healthy enough that my twiglet arms don't collapse when I carry the shopping home. I am currently debating joining a gym or starting yoga. That or getting my boyfriend to teach me how to skateboard. Imagine how quickly I could get to work!
  2. Get Educated
    I don't really feel like college/sixth form is for me but I'm deciding between an online course and just using lots of revision sites and teaching myself things. I don't need certain certificates for the job I am doing so I think a relaxed but focused approach is a great way for me to go.
  3. Go Out More
    This probably seems simple to most but I have been very known to hide away at home and go to work and not do a whole lot else in between. I think I'm going to set myself the challenge of doing something at least every two weeks. Whether that be going to the pub, cinema or for a meal. 
  4. Travel More
    I  r e a l l y  want to go back to Brighton this Summer. I was so happy whilst I was there that I'd be doing myself a disservice if I didn't go back! I need to go shopping in Oxford with my boyfriend and I'm really excited to rent out a skatepark in Hertfordshire for his birthday!
  5. Take More Pictures
    I seem to be taking less and less pictures every year and that's not okay so this year I intend to buy myself a new camera and take pictures of everything. Maybe if any of them are any good (or even if they're not) I will be able to share some of them with you!

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