I am currently in the midst of switching bedrooms with my brothers and this is giving me a nice opportunity to create a whole new aesthetic for my room. With this in mind I have been looking around for inspiration a lot recently and today on my lunch break I spotted two items that are to die for. In theory I cannot really afford them but I have taken pictures of them anyway as I like to see it as an opportunity to find or create something similar.
The first is the beautiful mannequin to the side. I love everything about it and am considering searching for one second hand. It doesn't have to be perfect or upmarket, in fact I think sometimes things are nicer when they're a bit makeshift.
The second is this unique set of drawers. I love that each drawer is different and they even have different sizes and types of handles but the white really pulls it all together. Although it is a bit outside my budget I think this chest of drawers could actually be quite easy to replicate, that may be another blog post for later. 
As I slowly recreate my room I will keep you guys updated on my new purchases and creations. What kind of style does your bedroom have?

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